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It’s been my goal to publish a new blog post approximately every 10 days. Sounds fairly reasonable and realistic, right? Professionals meet their deadlines, so it’s important for me to keep my promise to myself.

10 days ago, I missed my deadline. No post.

Read on to find out how I’m dealing with this issue.

Are you aware of how many 404 “not found” errors your website is really serving? Are you aware of which URLs are causing this error? Or perhaps it’s a pain to comb through your log analysis software to find the answer?

If you’d like to track this info in Google Analytics, read on to find out how to add the tracking with a couple small snippets of JavaScript.

Your site can probably do more to serve journalists, bloggers, reporters, and promoters. An often-overlooked page for smaller- and medium-sized websites is a Press or Media page. Why not make it easier for people to write about your products, people, company, orĀ services?

I’ve written a new Playbook article about Press & Media pages. Read on for more information about the topics that I cover.

Kristina Halvorson’s Content Strategy for the Web containsĀ a simple, yet effective tip for evaluating your content:

Generally speaking, content is more or less worthless unless it does one or both of the following:

  • Supports a key business objective
  • Fulfills your users’ needs

This blew my mind to pieces, so I decided to draw up a handy chart. Read on to see the chart.