Over a year ago, I added the phrase “Coming in 2015” to the home page for Live Editor. As Seth Godin points out, a project isn’t a project until it has a deadline.


I just had to bump that number up to 2016.

This is something that I try to avoid, especially as I continue the constant internal battle between the need to ship and the need to get it just right. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I need to be mindful about making my ideas a reality without delaying the project for a decade.

However, I don’t need to blame this particular delay on my perfectionism, laziness, procrastination, or whatever. Life happens while we’re working hard on making our dreams a reality, and sometimes that is a good thing. I am blessed to be able to report to you that life has been mostly good since I started working on this project:

  • My wife and I purchased a new house
  • My wife and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Claire, into this world
  • My mom fought 2 forms of late-stage cancer for 2 and a half years and passed away just a week ago

As I said, things have been mostly good.

If you’ve noticed that I have been quiet on this blog and Twitter, this is why. The good news is that I’m still here, and I still haven’t given up.

The arrival of our daughter may have produced the best results so far. For over 3 months, she refused to sleep in her crib until midnight or later. I was basically trapped on the couch every single night at 9:00 for 3 or 4 precious hours while she slept on my chest, not able to do much but read from my iPhone screen at a weird angle. This forced me to take a step back and decide that I needed to implement Live Editor a little differently. I’ll fully admit that not working on this project for a few months was really hard, but some good did come out of the hiatus.

All of this is to say that it’s OK sometimes to slow down. We’re not always going to hit our deadlines because there are so many things in our lives that we cannot control.

Especially in remembrance of my late mother, we need to remember what’s most important. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Make your loved ones your top priority. Work will always be there waiting.

I look forward to shipping what I believe will be the first website builder and CMS that entrepreneurs and everyday professionals can understand. I’ll see you in 2016.