Don’t use these 4 words in email

Please? Thank youPenelope Trunk wrote an interesting post on 4 words that sound nice when spoken, but not in email. Man, they make a lot of sense too, especially when she explains context. Here they be:

  1. Please
  2. Okay
  3. Fine
  4. Thank you

I’m also proud to report that I made 2 of these mistakes in an email I sent to someone this morning. Oops!

I also like some of the suggestions made in the comments.

What also irks you when people send emails?

2 Responses

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  2. I guess I took it with a grain of salt that those reading my blog weren’t interested in pushing emails about money laundering with your newly erected king dong.

    But we have a request from Mr. Kordek that you don’t spam him!

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