When you’re developing software like I am, the conventional thinking is that you must build up your email marketing list now, at all costs, so you can blast your message at everyone continually after launch.

Blast. What a terrible word.

I’m taking a different approach.

When you sign up to get notified about the Live Editor launch, this is what you see:

Email opt-in form

That’s right, I’m promising a 1-time notification. When Live Editor launches, I will have 1 shot to convince you that it’s worth trying out. I’ll tell you once and then go away forever if you’d like.

Of course, you can sign up for the newsletter too if you want, but you’re not just automatically opted in like everyone else does.

I’ve never quite understood why it’s the norm to have visitors sign up for something (be it an eBook, white paper, free course, or whatever) and for it to be assumed that they should be added to an email marketing list along with that. In most cases that I’ve seen, the registrant is never told that they will magically be added to the email marketing list.

Doing what I believe to be the right thing in this case doesn’t scare me. It puts me in a position that I should be in as a business. I need to earn your attention and your business. No trickery or superlatives, just a good product with a good story. That’s my aim.

Another gotcha: if I miss the mark, I’ll need to work hard to earn your attention and business again.

How is that for “growth hacking” for you?