Live Editor: Content management done right

I’m sticking with WordPress to host this blog until I release the full Live Editor CMS next year (which will rock your face off).

In the meantime, Live Editor File Manager is helping me make file publishing easier for WordPress.

Instant hosting from Amazon S3

The first benefit that I get from File Manager is that everything is served from Amazon S3. And with the Live Editor WordPress plugin, I can upload to S3 right from my WordPress admin.

Live Editor and S3 do a great job at serving files fast, and this frees up my blog’s server from needing to handle that.

Also, it’s just a nice way to upload a file to S3 from WordPress without needing to monkey around with permissions and organization.

Clearing up the confusion on version control of WordPress file uploads

Git + WordPress Media = Death

It’s confusing deciding how to track your WordPress files in a version control system like Git. For a long time, I had checked the wp-content/uploads folder into Git to make sure my local development environment mirrored the WordPress server as closely as possible. This is absolutely unnecessary because the uploads folder in Git gets out of sync with the production site quickly. Plus it’s just plain annoying to have to sync the assets by hand.

Steve Grunwell suggests adding an .htaccess hack to serve your uploaded WordPress files from the production server, even when you’re loading it from your local copy of WordPress. This is clever, but I’m finding that hosting the files in Live Editor is easier. They’re available as long as I have an Internet connection. No need to remember to set up the new .htaccess every time I create a new WordPress site.

Stay organized now (or maybe later, you know…)

FolderAt some point, WordPress images just become this random dumping ground. Sure, I still mainly treat it that way. And you know what? That’s fine for now.

But I know that with File Manager, I’ll be able to get a heck of a lot more organized later when I need it:

  • Sort my files into folder-like collections
  • Purge files that aren’t being used anymore (it tells me which ones aren’t being used)
  • Rename files and add other metadata that will make search easier

File Manager is designed to get out of your way while you’re creating content, but you still have the ability to go in and organize later. Or perhaps you or one of your colleagues are über-organized, in which case you can sort and tag everything right now.

Either way, that’s just fine.

Go ahead and give the beta of Live Editor File Manager a shot. Then install the WordPress pluginIt’s free while in beta, and I intend to keep it that way for those of you who are willing to give it a try now and provide some feedback.